Honeymoon Gift List

A Must for All Couples

Here at Honeymoondreams we have come up with a solution to replace the standard gift list.

Here to make a contribution?

You book your honeymoon with us and pay the appropriate deposit in line with our booking conditions.

We then set up your online gift list and if you want send you a supply of gift list cards stating that the honeymoon gift list will be on honeymoondreams.co.uk – You can then insert these cards in your wedding card invitations.

You will be given a unique reference that can be inserted on the gift list cards. This reference will be required for your guests to log onto the gift list section of our website and make their cash contributions to your honeymoon via debit and credit card. Your guests can also send in cheques if they do not to wish to do it online. Once payment has been confirmed, you will get an automatic email with details to inform you that somebody has made a contribution and it will update your total. There is a 3.5% Paypal transaction handling fee, per online payment, which is deducted from each contribution towards your gift list.

You will also be able to add a personal welcome message as well as a photographs for all your guests to see when they log in as well as images of where you are going on your honeymoon. You can also share you gift list via Facebook and Twitter.

The remaining balance of your honeymoon, after your deposit and any other payments made, must be received ten weeks prior to departure. We will use as much of the gift list contributions that you have received by that date towards the balance. If you still continue to receive contributions after this final payment date, we will then arrange a refund for extra payments and you can use the money to enjoy your honeymoon or towards a happily married life!

Please contact us for any further information on 0121 440 6268