Sabella and John

Welcome to their gift list

At the risk of sounding cliche, your presence at our wedding will give us great joy and memories that will last both our lifetimes. Thank you so much in advance for coming, it honestly means the world to us.

After 9 years together we’re finally making it official! As you can imagine, downsizing our living area has involved many trips to the charity shop, particularly as we have accumulated (more than) two of everything!

In which case, we thought it best that traditional wedding gifts would be wasted on us; for this reason we decided if you would like to honour us with a gift, we would be delighted if you could help us towards our dream honeymoon in India-Kerala, and Maldives.

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To make a cash contribution please call 0121 440 6268. Unfortunately, as our gift list service is currently being redeveloped we are unable to take online payments.

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